31 January 2015

And It Appears MOFO Has Made a (Significant) Move.


I have two (2) back to back trip to Canada, as I press ahead with my bid to move.


Debra V. Wilson

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Message from the Director of CSIS on the new anti-terror bill

Message from the Director of CSIS on the new anti-terror bill

Michel Columbe, Head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) welcomes the introduction of legislation to better enable the Government to safeguard the nation's security interests.
The new legislation will help CSIS protect Canadian lives from a terrorist threat unprecedented in our country's history.
The globalization of terrorism has come to pose a real peril not just to Canada but to other western nations. Last fall two terrorist attacks took place in Canada, the first one in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the second in downtown Ottawa.‎ Since then, the threat has accelerated as extremist groups call for additional attacks on Canada.
Not only have Canadian extremists begun to play a central role in terrorist propaganda but some are assuming leadership roles in terrorist groups. Communications technology allows them to plot attacks, recruit and build networks from anywhere in the world. Detecting and mitigating the threat posed by radicalized Canadians and their global co-conspirators is a tremendous challenge, and Canada's intelligence community requires the tools to meet it.
Three decades ago when the CSIS Act was drafted and the principal threat was espionage, the intelligence community had the luxury of watching targets over a long period of time, perhaps years. A foreign spy's objectives in Canada were typically incremental and predictable. However, today the overriding national security concern is terrorism, and unlike most threats of 30 years ago, these threats can escalate and endanger public safety with little or no warning. The goal of terrorists is not to steal intelligence in the countries they target but to kill people. It is no longer appropriate simply to detect and analyze the threat; there needs to be a capacity to counter it.
CSIS is sensitive to the fact that personal freedom is the cornerstone of a democratic and open society. The Service uses its legislative prerogatives responsibly and only as necessary under our legal mandate. We welcome the judicial oversight, review processes and many other safeguards that have always ensured – and will continue to ensure – that our efforts to protect our fellow citizens are not only consistent with, but will strengthen, Canada's democratic tradition.
– Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Michel Coulombe

26 December 2014

You Guys Are Going to Have to Stop Smoking Back There

You Guys Are Going to Have to Stop Smoking Back There

The driver initially could not see that there was a problem with the bus.

There was liquid leaking out from under one of the seats.

We screamed. I couldn't get out of the way fast enough for a young woman.

A man told me to calm down, as it was only water.

The bus filled up with smoke.

It was around here the driver thought someone was smoking.

In hindsight it is funny. As it was happening we were SCREAMING.

The driver came off the highway and found a safe place to park.

We were all screaming.

It turned out to be cooling solvent.

A young man had the good sense to open the window.

The young woman who screamed at me apologised.

I thanked the man who tried to calm me.

And I thanked the young man who had the presence of mind to open a window.

By now we had evacuated the bus.

The fire brigade showed up and put some solvent down and talked to the driver.

Yeah more firemen.

People took pictures of the firemen. I also took some. They (the pictures) are so dark you can't make out anyone's face....which is good.

People were posting the pictures online.

A supervisor then showed up and made sure we were all okay. And he too talked to the driver.

The replacement bus finally showed up.

On the tube I travelled a wee bit with a girl from Japan.

We got lost at one point, which meant I HAD to take extra stairs.

She tried to get us lost again, but I wasn't having it.

I think the young girl from Japan was a sadist. Running up and down the freaking stairs, and then trying to add more to the journey.

Oh the immigration officer was a mature white man.


Yeah, I'm back home.


Debra V. Wilson

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25 December 2014

Good Night - And This Is How I Wrapped Up My Day of Research - Uploaded 17Oct2012

Started crying again

As I Can't Seem To Stop Crying

I am well pleased to be returning to Canada.  I am normal there.

My skill-set can be used through academic means.

I am as Allah meant me to be....And I am the person who finds it quite joyful spending hours on hours putting the pieces together.

And I am also the person who terribly misses the intellectualism I found in London, England and I am finding in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Have a good evening.


Debra V. Wilson 

And I Started Christmas (25 Dec 2014) Watching Gatekeepers

Every time I watch the documentary (and it is several times now) I see something more.

I am Returning to the Place That is Home for Me Canada.

I am going to do a wee bit of research and hope that here and there I can pop into the 519.


Debra V. Wilson

Wee Bit of A Scare Yesterday (24 December 2014)

I am still crying.  And I want to thank some Canadians near and dear to me in Toronto and Winnipeg who pushed me to walk through this situation.

My wee bit of scare turned out to be stress, which is not good.....but I am glad that some Canadians have encouraged me to walk again and again.

I am most grateful.


Debra V. Wilson

Learning The Dance Of London, England...And The Ethos on The Dance Floor Truly Is, I Gotta Get Mine.

So I am asking you to ignore Beyonce’s routine. You know, “I am a BLACK WOMAN, so it is neither racist nor sexist…my depiction of women.

This song is it.  It is a visual representation of the London (England) that I knew. 

Everybody on the political scene is out networking in the attempt to get more and more information.
There are so many actors on stage that it is amazing.

You lunch, dine with people.

It is all so very pleasant and so very civilized, but we were all mutually distrustful of people whose dance differed from our method of expression.

Still you gotta dance.  And you gotta be willing to change partners.
It is the only way.

And then you end up changing partners and dancing with a myriad of people in an attempt to get MORE information.

The funny thing is as you move from dance partner to dance partner you pick up new steps whilst you adjust your dance a wee bit so that you move smoothly with your partner of the moment.

Lunch, Tea, Dinner……..Meeting at the end of a meeting for few minutes….Meeting before the meeting…
There are so very many variables.  There are so many dancers on the scene. 

The only thing that was/is consistent in London (England) is like the music (politics) the dancers (the players) never stop.  You just have to jump in and find your own dance and then keep up with the beat.

Okay for the second time today (25 December 2014) I am crying.

The Israelis (Intelligence) are a brutal lot.  I am well aware, and I have listened to a myriad of people.

But I say with empirical proof as my foundation some of their lot are quite adapt at adjusting their dance to match not only the music, but also their partner of the moment.

Every time I see this video, and the young man dancing with Mrs. Carter I think of what I now know in hindsight.

Well, yep I am crying – yet again.


Debra V. Wilson 

16 December 2014

The Imitation Game (2014) is simply brilliant

So I did go to Chicago yesterday, (Monday, 15 December 2014).

I am looking forward to spending more time in Canada.

I cried as I watched the movie.

The war, the homophobia, the sexism...

I understood the characters fight just to think and serve.

I look forward to spending more time in Canada.

I look forward to my travels to Israel.

I look forward to returning to London, England.

Someone in Canada told me if you look around the table and everyone there agrees with you - you have not done effective outreaching. (Please note I am paraphrasing.)

Sometimes I read Danny Ayalon's writing and I think, "Oh, should I share that?"

And sometimes I think about Danny Ayalon and what he did for me in 2010.

Metaphorically speaking, my table is diverse.

And "Joan Clarke's" conceptualization of marriage, as I have said I want Tamir to find me a man.

Source: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=the+imitation+game

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  1. The Imitation Game
    PG-13 2014 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 54m
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  2. Genius British logician and cryptologist Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) helps crack Germany's Enigma Code during World War II but is later prosecuted by his government for illegal homosexual acts.
  3. Release dateNovember 28, 2014 (USA)
  4. Benedict Cumberbatch (Alan Turing)
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Alan Turing
    Keira Knightley (Joan Clarke)
    Keira Knightley
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    Matthew William Goode (Hugh Alexander)
    Matthew William Goode
    Hugh Alexander

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