11 March 2015

Can't I Call to Say Hello to a Friend?

Skype call ringing. I answer without checking who the call is from. 

Tamir: Debbie? Hello?

Me: Shit. I can't talk. 

Tamir: Can't I call to say hello to a friend?

Me: I'm busy.  And why are you calling now?  It is 20.00hrs here and you are seven hours ahead. 

Tamir: 20.00hrs? Where are you?

Me: I'm in NYC for IWD?  Okay I can hear you laughing. You already know. 

Tamir: You tried to keep the Deputy Ambassador from getting into his own meeting?

Me: Stop laughing.  It was hectic and I thought he was trying to jump the queue.  

Tamir: Jump the queue?  What are you in primary school?

Me: Please stop laughing. It was embarrassing.  And then Tamir he said something like, "I must get in there. I'm one of the organisers."  Then when he said that I started patting him on the arm and saying, Oh okay." I was patting his arm like he was a child. 

Me: STOP laughing.  I'm hanging up now.  

Tamir: Oh okay. 

Me: BYE!!!!

08 March 2015

And The World Never Stops Dancing.

In Service to Canada, my love.

Feminist Like I'm Posted To Be

Okay back to organising my writing for NYC and loads of researching and understanding more of the World as She Intersects with Canada

Tamir I Do Actually Need Assistance...

And I am in the (painful) process of changing citizenship.  I know that it is male ego and drama (sorry but it is) that dictate protocol for such matters, but at the moment I am essentially Stateless.

So....and I need to thank some people in your country.

Any and all help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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These former Israeli Spooks....Wow.

Repost, Without Any Qualifers

And if they take this literally well they are wrong for me.

If they don't understand what I am saying then they need to beef up their analytical team (s).

And if they respond with similar verbiage well...they really don't understand the difference in power and appropriateness.

So here I go, and repost:

07 March 2015

And Much, Much Respect

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone: You want to hang out tonight?

Me:  I don't feel well.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone:  You sound fucked up?  What's wrong? Damn I was gonna ask if you wanted to go to the movies.

Me:  No I am jacked with a cold.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone:  Damn.  Are you drinking orange juice?

Me:  I can't.  It plays havoc with my blood sugar.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone: What about oranges?

Me: Ahhh not a particularly good option either.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone: You have groceries in the house?

Me: No I was going to do my shopping today.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone: Well I'll drive by with some food.  I'll call and you can come down to the lobby and pick it up.

Me:  No, dude I have a doo rag on my head.  I am not going down in the lobby and fulfill the stereotype.

Jewish Man - a friend on the phone: Alright woman take care.

Thirty minutes later......

Doorman on the phone: Deb, ______dropped by with a package for you.  I get off work soon and I can leave it outside your door when my shift is over.

Me: No, actually I'll just put on my coat and a hat and come downstairs.

Doorman on the phone:  If you come down now I can meet you by the lobby elevator.

Me:  Great.

I did, and my lovely, lovely, guy buddy had got a bag of grapefruit and other healthy veggie treats.

Academic Research and Feminism and Service and Canada And the World Never Stops Dancing

And Through Academic Research, Feminist Based Peacebuilding and Most Left Leaning Feminism...and How That Might Look Intersecting Some....CSIS,,,RCMP...Sans Naked Woman

01 March 2015

For the Record I Actually Don't Like It When White People Attempt to Speak.....Still I Do Like Giving Voice to How I Conceptualise People

I miss being around more Globally sophisticated women.

No British woman ever asked me who I prefer having sex with.

No British woman has ever said, "I don't like people with bodyguards."

No British woman has ever said of the men that I networked with, "You know they are not your friends."

No British woman has ever said to me, "I want to meet Muslim men."

NO BRITISH WOMAN has ever told to retreat from parts of the World because I am Black.

For that matter I can't think of any Canadian woman who has ever said anything similar to the aforementioned.

It was a British feminist in London, England who told me she believed I had been approached by Israeli Intelligence.

There was no running after me with loud shoes.  There was no asking me, "Where did you go to school?"

Instead we had a conversation about the ever complex relationship between Israeli intelligence and British intelligence.

In ways both videos speak to a crudeness.

I miss working with women who can navigate the crudeness of the World in Service to their nation.

Again I don't actually like White people who attempt to speak....

And yep White folks done won.  God knows I would not want to work in an apparatus with such marginalized women.

So an American woman wants to know about the men I was networking with in London, England and the way she approaches me is to say, "I want to meet Muslim men."

Damn!!!  Damn!!!  Damn!!!